Created for ELHC #281, "Give This Government Ethics Training Course a Makeover"

revamp of an ethics training course for special government employees, done in Rise

Link to demo


This demo was a makeover from an ethics training course that was very text-heavy and accompanied by some multiple choice questions. I love how Rise can break content like this up into clean sections with dynamic text and graphics to keep it interesting.

I kept all of the content from the original course but pulled out key points, added images, bulleted content, and put an emphasis on important resources. I tried to showcase as many different Rise blocks as possible, particularly around the knowledge check questions.

This was also one of the first instances where I used images from unDraw, which I have constantly referred back to in my work. It has a huge open-source library of illustrations with the added bonus of being able to tailor the primary color in the illustration to match your course's branding.