Created for ELHC #291, "Using Interactive Checklists and To-Do Lists in E-Learning"

An interactive checklist highlighting CDC's July 2020 recommendations on creating a safe and healthy workplace during COVID-19

Link to demo


During this time, some offices were starting to open up from COVID-19 lockdown with a myriad of new safety precautions in place. I pulled a few from CDC's website at the time to create a checklist of things to do to create a safe and healthy workplace.

I wanted to make it appear as if a task was completed once you checked it off the list, which led to the inclusion of visual and auditory reinforcements for each item when checked off. The visual reinforcements were made using states with nearly all of them initially starting as "hidden" before being revealed by checking off the boxes.

Fellow instructional designers have commented that this interaction could be applicable for many different scenarios. I ended up reusing this interaction for another ELHC on interactive passenger safety cards, which can be viewed here.