Created for ELHC #295, "Can You Pass This 1912 Eighth Grade Examination?"

A reinterpretation of a 1912 eighth grade exam into a Jeopardy! game

Link to demo


For this challenge, we had to design an e-learning quiz based on the 1912 Bullitt County quiz. I had always wanted to create a Jeopardy! game in Storyline and felt that it was appropriate here, given that the 1912 quiz was organized into categories.

Since the questions on the 1912 quiz are pretty tricky, each clue on the Jeopardy! board was formatted as a multiple choice question. Variables were used to calculate the score throughout the game and conduct a “Final Jeopardy” round.

One piece I enjoyed putting together was ensuring that the bid for Final Jeopardy wasn’t a negative value or exceeded the current score. Variables were used here to ensure that this would not be the case. I also had some fun with this by including changes in the Jeopardy! host’s facial expressions if the user attempted to do this.