Created for ELHC #316, "How are Designers Using Lightbox Slides in E-Learning?"

An interactive animated video on making apple pie that uses lightboxes to share tips and information about the recipe, created in Storyline and Vyond

Link to demo


Lightboxes are useful for providing resources without having to close the present slide or window. I got this idea since I’m an avid baker and I often find myself jumping back and forth between the ingredient list and instructions.

I thought having the ability to quickly refer back to the list of ingredients would be a useful feature. I also did this to share baking tips throughout the video to avoid making the narrated instructions long-winded.

I created and narrated the video in Vyond, then uploaded it into Storyline. For each tip shared in the video, triggers were set to pause the video and timeline, then reveal a layer with the lightbox showcasing the baking tips.